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Play for prizes worth a total of €160,000 in all casinos of Olympic Casino Slovakia in the Win your dream campaign. During the game using the loyalty card, you collect points for which you can then print game tickets at the e-kiosk.

  • You pay 100 points for a ticket to the silver box
  • You pay 1000 points for a ticket to the golden box
  • If you want to play for the final winnings from the biggest destiny, for every 10,000 points you can print 1 ticket to the dream box.

Bonus, Bronze and Silver guests can print tickets for all boxes, Gold and Diamond guests can print tickets for Gold and Dream boxes.
Regular weekly draws await you. Inquire about the exact lottery conditions and winnings at your establishment.

On June 2, 2023, the final draw from all boxes will take place. You will learn more about the final prices in your establishment. In addition, we will draw three winners from the box of dreams, who will equally share €30,000 in game credit, or they can choose a €10,000 holiday voucher.

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Campaign details

in 4 casinosSlovakiaBonus pointsCampaign typeMar 15 2023Jun 02 2023Weekly draws and final draw Game credit

For players on tables and slot machines
Game type
Start date
End Date
Top winningsin Slovakia

€ 141,821.48

€ 22,190.00


Nov 142023Olympic Casino Bratislava, EuroveaBratislava

€ 17,556.56


Dec 052023Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 14,640.00


Nov 202023Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 14,025.00


Nov 202023Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 12,800.00


Nov 122023Olympic Casino KosiceKošice

€ 12,696.00


Nov 112023Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 12,484.92


Nov 152023Olympic Casino Bratislava, EuroveaBratislava

€ 12,149.00


Dec 022023Olympic Casino Bratislava, CarltonBratislava

€ 12,000.00


Nov 252023Olympic Casino TrnavaTrnava

€ 11,280.00


Nov 192023Olympic Casino TrnavaTrnava

Charming Las Vegas will open its doors to you right here in Slovakia!

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